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La Colle en Provence: What makes me special?

Well this is an easier answer to make than normal, while the rest of the world has been bubbling away expanding and growing in it's hustle and bubble, I and the area around me have remained pretty much the same. This area of France could have easily been accused of living in a time warp, ....relative to the rest of the world.

It is not as if nothings has ever happened here over the past 50 years because it has: The Autoroute A51 now links the North of Europe, Switzerland and the North East of France directly into the area. We also have a complete European and trans-world hub at Marseille airport, and the TGV takes just 3 hours to Paris which opens up week-end residents. Just to name a few.

It's just that there is no reason to change the slow-ish life style that goes on here. Everybody gets on with their lives and combines their days with nature and their own needs.

Peter Mayle wrote many great books about the area A year in Provence, Toujours Provence and Encore Provence, are his best representations of the quirky slow lifestyles of the area.

Peter Mayle left the highly intensive life style of the modern advertising world to settle in Provence and became a world best seller based on his works here. His book A Good Year  was the basis for the 2006 film of the same name directed by Ridley Scott and staring actor Russell Crowe (an excellent film.)

We all lead such busy lives these days and live it at a fast pace of change. This is great, this is life, but from time to time we need to get back in touch with the surroundings and what is important to ourselves.

La Colle it's self is locked away in nature surrounded by over 30 hectares of private estate and is accessed by a 2 kilometres track. It's position has a superb view of the valley and the high plateaux opposite and you could quite easily think you are in the middle of nowhere, even if you aren't.

Here people come to resource and get well away from it all. To put back into prospective the things that are the most important to one selves. Here whether you throw on an old pair of jeans or just slouch around in a track bottom doesn't mater to anyone.

You want to grow a beard for a few days or not put any makeup on, well that doesn't matter at all. There is no competition and no ceremony. Just a chance to do what you really want to do and if that means nothing at all then that's fine as well. 


  Deep summer on the plateaux    Nature at it's best and just so simple and yet so complex.

It is now over 10 years that I have provided a place to resource, a rural retreat for many worldly busy people from Company owners to World class managers, Professors to Heart specialists, Inventors to Singers, Photographers and Models, Producers to Directors. and many more.

They have come from all over the world : Canada, USA, New Zealand, Middle East, South Africa, Czech, Hungary, Poland, Australia, UK, Ireland, and a hoist of European countries. Some have just stopped over for a week while on a European Tour and others have come to experience the life for over a month.

One particular New Yorker family loved so much the kind of life style we have that they then promptly gave up their job's in NY and went out into the country side and bought them selves a place to try and live the same life style. 7 years latter on they emailed to say that they were still living that way and wouldn't change for anything.  

  Winter is the period to see some of the best sun rises here. The combination of a great light and a few clouds give way to a fabulous spectacle. Sunsets however can be best in the Spring summer.

The Plateax 

Over the past 25 years many people have moved into the area to take advantage of the simpler life style. I on the other hand think that quite often they make a mistake. To live permanently in a surrounding that is too laid back and away from the hustle and bustle means that you can not compete with life as it really is.

To take time away to resource is totally sensible like a battery one re charges. To try and permanently turn the dials down only leads to an inaction in what could have been.

This is a lesson my current proprietor had to learn as he too was seduced by the idea of the simple life and had to re learn it latter on. A good dose is much better than a long stay.



It's all so true ..... Peter's take on Provence  ..... he captures the really quirky side of the people that have lived here all their lives.

Sometimes they have never moved from their little villages and they have a very direct and opinionated way about just about everybody and everything, apart from them selves.

Very French in all that that means yet very special at the same time and unique to this place.


We all have very busy lives and yes if we want to succeed then we must make the effort necessary to reach our own potentials.

However some times as we walk the roads of life we need to just stop and re position our values and our needs. This in it's self can aid us on the forward journey to that place where we want to be. The sheer clearing and re organisation of our mind set will help to construct a better and more effective think through.

I say that even a week can help in the process of evolution of ourselves. We need to re-learn to respect what we already have and tune ourselves within our surroundings. This process can free up new paths that are blocking our own development.

We are blessed with such a wonderful world and yet sometimes we do not see it as we block our own vision with trivial thoughts.

Walk with your eyes wide open and you can gain so much! Hide in our self built high towers and we loose everything.


One of the major things I have learnt from living at La Colle is to highly respect nature and the weather.

You very quickly realise over time that you are in fact a very small element  in comparison to everything else that is going on.

Bugs can work 24hrs a day well out pacing you. Weather when just warm and pleasant enough is just so gorgeous. Yet with a crack of lightening suddenly announcing a summer storm you realise that you are just nothing.

Some how in our self filled lives of cities and work we loose touch with this. We can't even feel a storm coming or a change in the season.


Rod Cook

Nov 2023




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