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Services provided with your stay (dependant on period in the year) Normally you would have already received this information by e-mail from us on your first contact however it is repeated here for your information:

During the winter months we spend much of our time revamping and upgrading parts of La Colle for the following season and you will find that many items of equipment have been changed or upgraded to make your stay in our properties of an even higher standard. For information comparing the two different properties equipment levels or a short list on what has been provided for the available property please see :http://www.la-colle-en-provence.info/Home/acomen.htm

We completely clean and inspect your accommodation prior to your arrival which includes ensuring that it is presented in a good condition. We have introduced this service to avoid the typical French gte system where the leaving guest hands over to the arriving guest therefore haphazardly relying on the standards of the leaving guest in the preparation of the property for you. A cleaning fee is charged on leaving the property which goes directly to the cleaner. This helps to motivate them to do their jobs correctly as they know that if you aren't happy it could affect them directly.

Bed linen is now provided for all stays (one set per stay) and your beds are already made up on arrival.

One set of bath towels are also provided freshly cleaned for your stay to assist you in reducing the need to lug extra suitcases either in the car or on plans and trains.

A welcome pack has been prepared to help start you off and there is a small amount of every item that you need for the machines provided in the accommodation and starters for cooking.

To help you in making your decision and based on questions we have received regularly by mail we have prepared this little further information:

La Colle is in fact a very quite place and as we have said in our web site; immersed in the countryside i.e. there is countryside completely surrounding it. You do not hear the sound of traffic, there are no noisy roads within earshot and the noisiest thing you will find is the sound of nature.

The advantage of La Colle though is that by car it doesn't take very long to get anywhere, and as you relax you will find these little trips a pleasant outing, whether it is to stock up on food and wine or just discover the local area.

Some guests want to chat and discover some of our knowledge; others want to be left alone. As far as your privacy is concerned we have a policy not to disturb if not required. We have had families with 3 children including babies, honeymoon couples, couples that wanted to be totally alone (one couple in fact selected La Colle as the place to propose marriage, she accepted the proposal here and was so delighted to tell us about it). Another couple conceived their second child here, very kindly telling us about it by Email after they left and they still keep us up to date with the progress of their child

There are 3 properties in all, one is owned by a Frenchman who uses it as a second home he comes and goes from time to time. His main home is in Champaign. A Dutch couple that wanted to find a peaceful and quite place themselves have bought the second property and the third, which occupies the largest area of the hamlet, is ours. We all have our own space and, we do not live in each other's pockets and sometimes you might think that there wasn't anybody else around. You too have your own space specially reserved for you.

The advantage of this opposed to renting a totally isolated house is that if you should need help, help is available if you need it. Especially considering the fact that you might or might not need some medical assistance, especially with children in mind. Since we have raised a family here we do know about this very well.

The pool (Open April/May till Oct) has a dominant view of the valley and we have constructed a tasteful barrier around it for obvious reasons. On entry to it there is a shower and foot wash. The pool is shared, but there and again, nobody crowds around it and each person has his or her own quite time.

A member of my team or myself look after the small things that need to be done like cleaning the pool and maintaining it, there is no such thing as a truly automated cleaning system! Watering and looking after the grounds etc.. 

.. and lastly no matter what I write here there is no better comment than from the people who have already been here! Therefore if you want to check out what others have said about the unique experience at La Colle please see our comments page at: http://www.la-colle-en-provence.info/Home/clientref.htm

I hope this helps and look forward to personally meeting you.
Regards Rod Cook

Main Site (English)  : http://www.la-colle-en-provence.info/Home/

US & Canada : http://www.gite.com/galileo
US & Canada : http://www.gite.com/la-colle

Special : March, April, May, September, October and November.... Free ..... Services and Inclusions in your stay price when you book at La Colle


A good bottle of wine ready for you to open on arrival.
Your beds will be made up for your arrival = No work
Bed Linen included in the stay price free of charge one set per stay.
Additional local delicacies stocked in your fridge above our normal starter packs
Hand towels provided
Mid season duvets, which are made from a special hygienic material to keep you snug in bed.
We advise you to book early the Summer months have 100% occupancy.

Pic: Tulip mother bulbs grown in Provence for export to Holland

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