Pic: sunflowerWinter Views

  Earth sleeps, winter's awe!  


Warm blankets by wood fires, 

A time to write, reflect!

Cuddle a warm drink and create a Masterpiece.




Winter brings bright crisp sharp days with the occasional dull and overcast period. For successive years the winters in Provence have become warmer and warmer.

Pre Christmas snows touch the mountains around us but rarely blanket the surrounding areas for long . New Year and February have periodic snow falls that lay on the ground for a few days. 

Higher up they replenish the Southern Alps network of ski resorts which are less then an hour from La Colle. The best of which are a two hour drive from here.

The New Year saw a spectacular blanket covering of snow across southern Europe. The pure white scenes that unfolded of nature views and sculptured landscapes are captured below.

This is the first time in 10 years that we have had so much snow on the low lands of Provence. Whereas in times past of 100 years or more to be snowbound for months where an annual event.

Note the alternative accommodation ?

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